Monday, April 03, 2006


from a job in Toorak...

Sunday, April 02, 2006


This is a two storey cubby I made around an oak. It has a top storey viewing deck and underneath was a sandpit. You can climb out through the roof and climb higher, though few have been game. It also had an elaborate system of pulleys and ropes for opening hatches and trapdoors a la Heath Robinson.

Shed roof in the garden at Gembrook

This is the wheelie bin shed roof made of ferro cement and copper pipe. It was initially going to be a dovecote, but then I thought better of it and decided to go with bees. As I'm a bit allergic to them I thought if the hive is perched two metres above ground I won't get stung. I never got around to getting a hive together so it has only ever been home to a ringtail possum and some starlings. It does light up the garden very nicely of a night and has been called Gembrooks Crown Casino by one local wit. Certainly been a bit of a traffic stopper!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

more croziers

Made this about six years ago. Big, big crozier (which is the botanical term for a new fern frond) Took a lot of sticks and some serious grunt from Bob Armstrong and half a dozen volunteers to get it up. Unfortunately it went a little limp over the years and now it's head is resting comfortably in the crown of an old rhododendron. Looks quite good and I'll get a pic of it soon.

This a stripped willow Adirondack style chair that won me a prize at a furniture show. Bugger to make what with trying to find suitable sticks and all that sanding sanding sanding.......not inclined to go into production on these, though they do look vera vera nice.

Willow moon gate

Part of a little job I did for NMIT that will be part of their exhibit at the Garden Show. Used up most of my willow so won't be able to do much now. I will collect more come winter.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Llama seat

for keeping the foxes away. Actually I bought some crummy timber that wasn't up to scratch for turning into a seat , but was o.k for mucking around in sculptural kind of way. Still work alright as a seat, in fact very comfy for lying up against her neck.

Note that the legs go 250 mm into the soil when it is properly installed as this one isn't. That makes the height from the ground to your bum 500 mm.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Made with willow harvested from Mt Kosciuszko. These willows are now all gone, which is good for the environment but a shame for me as they were the best sticks to use for this kind of work. Flexible, slow growing and with beautiful dark colouring. This is the last one that will be made. Bronze/silica nails with linseed oil and beeswax finish.


Recycled Ironbark 900 x 500mm